Ed Hicks

My interest in the beginning was in Graphic Art:  commercial advertising, ads, logos and company annual reports. I went to art school for commercial art and had to take fine art courses as well. We took many trips to the Boston Museum of Fine Art which is where my interest began for the painter’s wonderful works.

After I graduated from Art School I worked for 22 years in ad agencies. Painting was something I did at night and on weekends when I had some spare time. I started out painting New England landscapes, initially using watercolors and then discovered oil paints.

I began exhibiting my work in art shows throughout New England, New Jersey, New York and in galleries. When I began to sell my paintings, I left the ad agency business to paint full time and attend more art shows. The shows and galleries are an interesting life, quite different from the ad agency business.

A True Connection:  Artist to Viewer.

My landscapes and seascapes are of New England. I love the Maine coast, Nantucket, and the seaside, pastures and rolling hills of Connecticut.

With my paintings I try to paint just what is essential; let the viewer finish the story. I want them to “feel it”, to let them be part of the painting. Only then is there A True Connection; Artist to Viewer

If a painting is worth a thousand words, I will not give you a thousand words. You can know  all about me, my background, motivations, accomplishments, etc. But, what really matters     is “do you like my Vision?” If you don’t, all my words do not matter. It’s all about the painting. Does it speak to you?

My work is in private collections, corporations, galleries and one-man shows all over New England and beyond. I have also given demonstrations and workshops for art leagues and various organizations throughout Connecticut.

It is especially satisfying for me to meet people who are interested in following my work over the years. To visit with them is one of my greatest pleasures as an artist.

The basketball coach in me knows…

ART is like a pass – someone has to catch it to complete it.