Linda Colletta

Linda comes from a long line of artists and knew very early on that she would live her life as an artist. During her studies at Parson's School of Design, she was swept up into the world of scenic painting and set design for the fast-paced music & television industries. She spent the next 15 years collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry as a set designer, prop stylist, and scenic painter. After the birth of her son (named after Jackson Pollack) she transitioned to a freelance career in visual merchandising and graphic design. In 2012, Linda successfully made the leap to dedicate herself completely to her painting.

Linda’s work pays homage to nature through the eyes of color and expression. An immersion into color, composition and abstraction, Linda’s work is collaboration between exploration and intention. Working in acrylics, oils and pastels -- drips, washes, scribbles, and other happy accidents evoke a feeling of freedom and unapologetic happiness.

Linda’s greatest influences include her parents who were also artist, as well as Modigliani, Jackson Pollack, Gerard Richter, Helen Frakenthaler, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Georgia O’Keefe.

Original artwork can be seen at or at a studio visit at the AmFab Arts Building in Bridgeport, CT.