Deborah Weiss

The exchange between terrain, climate and natural light is constant and transforming by the moment. These elements inform my work and determines the subject matter.
The work is an exploration of the effects of atmospheric conditions and luminosity on land, water and the resulting patina of time.

There is an excavation and layering process incorporating opaque and transparent veils of color. Visual information is both concealed and revealed, each layer informing the next. Surface markings and textures record this process. Subject matter is not predetermined, it is intuitive and emerges as the work evolves.

Born in New York, Deborah Weiss is a painter and printmaker whose work combines both painterly and relief printmaking techniques. She has exhibited throughout the United States as well as in England, Ireland, Italy, China and Denmark. Her work is included in both private and public collections as well as numerous publications and books. She maintains a studio and residence in Connecticut.