Carol Guthrie

Carol Guthrie graduated from Smith college with a degree in government and studio art.  She later earned an MBA from Columbia, and after a brief stint at Grey Advertising, became a landscape designer, her true calling.  

As a child, she enjoying melting crayons on a special rock in her back yard, and actually dreamed of being able to paint with melted wax.  Fast forward to adulthood, and a course in encaustic painting offered at Silvermine.  This ancient technique involves dissolving pure pigment into melted beeswax, and applying, then fusing with heat, many thin layers to “build” a painting.  As such, it is an ideal medium for collage.  Carol often incorporates pressed flowers and real foliage into her work, as well as various forms of metal leaf.

Though she explores many subjects in her art, Carol always returns to her favorite subject:  flowers, in their infinite variation in form and color.