Justin Wood

Justin Wood (1982) is a painter from Doylestown, Pennsylvania interested in traditional techniques and genres. He drew frequently when he was younger and in high school was introduced to painting. Justin attended Syracuse University where he studied illustration under respected illustrators Murray Tinkleman and John Thompson. While at Syracuse he took figure drawing with artist Jerome Witkin. In this class Justin became more familiar with the history of classical painting and the importance of drawing and painting from life. This experience redirected his focus to the fine arts. Upon graduating he joined Jacob Collins at The Water Street Atelier where he studied full time and served as Jacob’s studio assistant. After completing his studies Justin became an instructor in cast drawing/painting and still life at The Grand Central Atelier. Justin specializes in still life painting with a particular interest in 17th Century Dutch Still life.  “Wood’s invented world of light, artifact and nature resonate a calm stability, an atmosphere of meditative silence. With motifs similar to those used by 17th Century Dutch still life, his tabletop arrangements present the viewer with an ordered world where man and nature dwell in harmony. Receptacles of pewter, copper and silver coexist with figs, plums, peeled lemons and other edibles, each work owing its cohesion to the manner in which light is bathed around each object.” Justin Wood is currently represented by galleries in New York and Cape Cod and has been featured in numerous art fairs and exhibitions throughout the United States.