Brandon Beckstrom

 The son of military parents, Brandon Beckstrom was born in Fort Benning, Georgia. Following his parent’s career he lived in Germany, Belgium, Greece, and the UK by the time he was in his early 20’s. His experiences abroad instilled a love of historical architecture and an appreciation for the cultivated charm of the European landscape. In his work he seeks to find idyllic and timeless examples of a more permanent and older world; one we take for granted in our everyday lives. His paintings are of places where we find permanence, beauty, and comfort.  In some regards an Arcadian vision that is innate to the soul of Western Civilization. 

After finishing his Degree in Fine Art and Design at Westminster University in Harrow, United Kingdom, he was inspired by a documentary that involved several artists involved in Classical Realism in New York. A new movement was forming away from the nihilism and intellectual posturing of the Contemporary Art world and he wanted to be a part. After a few years, which involved working as an apprentice on a mural for several months in Athens, Greece, Brandon was able to come to New York to study at the Water Street Atelier with renowned artist Jacob Collins. It was that environment, which stressed intense focus on draughtsmanship and form, which trained his hand to a high level of craft and allowed him to begin to realize his aesthetic vision. He was also introduced to Plein Air landscape painting, and reveled in the freedom and meditation of working outdoors.  After several successful group shows in Houston and the Cape, one of his portraits, Brazilian Guitar Player was acquired by the Fort Wayne Museum of Art in Indiana for their permanent collection. He was also selected several times to attend the Hudson River Fellowship in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. 

Currently, Brandon is preparing for landscape painting trips to Colorado and the South of France while continuing to paint scenes around New York City where he resides.