Lori Slotkin

As a visual artist, my message is all about joy and freedom and where to find it.  It’s a dream inside each of us.  Finding worth in ourselves and others in a modern world of aggressive behavior and indifference is the contrasting theme in my work. I am interested in personal relationships among people and how to balance what is expected of oneself by others with what is expected of yourself.  Finding the essence of joy within oneself.

After graduating from UC Davis with a BA in Textile Design, I moved to New York City to work as a fashion designer for Ralph Lauren. I believe in the constant need to learn and grow, so I sought out courses painting, focussing on portraiture at Pratt, SVA, Spring Street Studios and studying abroad in Italy.  Over 17 years, these continuing education classes helped me to find my voice as a painter.  My work has been accepted into many shows and galleries and I have had the thrill of selling many pieces and have also had the privilege of being commissioned to do portraiture of both animals and people.