Agi Zwierz

Agi Zwierz was born in 1961 in Warsaw, Poland. Her interest in art began in
elementary school and continued during her landscape architecture studies in
college.  In 1986 she immigrated to the United States and while working as a
landscape designer she attended art workshops including the Silvermine Guild of
Art. Today she is a partner in The Upper Room Studio in Norwalk, CT.
Her attraction to the beauty and variety of the plant kingdom and the way it
shapes the landscape is visible in her art.  Agi has a special love for trees and
the trees in different forms and shapes show in many of her works.
In recent years she enjoys re-exploring pastels, as a medium that combines
drawing that is very close to her heart with color and freedom of paint. The effect
of mixing lines and spots of fading color blends makes her work interesting.