Agnieszka Zwierz

My interest in art began in elementary school (when my teacher introduced me to watercolors, printmaking and oil painting) and continued during my landscape architecture studies.  In 1986 after earning my Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from The University of Warsaw, I immigrated to the United States and attended art workshops including the Silvermine Guild of Art while working in Landscape Design.

In the late 90’s I exhibited at the LOFT Artists Association in Stamford, CT and Greenwich Garden Center. My shows included botanical watercolor and landscape design renderings. My paintings were displayed at the Polish Artists Exhibit in Hartford, CT in 1999 and I've enjoyed exhibitions in the US and Poland during the past ten years.

I am attracted to the beauty and variety of the plant kingdom and the way it shapes the landscape.  Nature is a magnificent source of inspiration.

My recent focus is en plein air painting: reflections in and through window panes of life obscured and hidden.

 A series of pastels represent close-ups of the water’s surface reflection with plants and algae growing in a pond. An abstraction of the pond’s translucency with the surrounding nature blends reality and illusion creating an air of mystery.  Using the pond, the flora, the season, and the light as raw ingredients, the viewer’s imagination completes the picture.

 “Linden” is a mixed media work inspired by new growth in the middle of winter on the trunk of a linden tree and a cross section view below (in the style of architectural drawings.)  It highlights nature’s constant fight for survival: fresh growth of new twigs and a hollow trunk with life of its own little world slowly taking over the tree.

 “Oswego 12” is a reminiscence of a riverbank after a flood with uprooted trees fighting to stay upright, branches abandoned by the force of raised river current and fog rising. One can see new greenery blooming in the distance, a sign that the recent disaster will be overcome.