Meighan Morrison

I am intrigued by how light emerges from shadow.  How color cloaks form. How the accident foils the plan - unceremoniously rerouting the vision. 

Contrast. The moment when opposites meet and determine each other. The idea that one cannot exist without the other…life/death, waking/sleep, pain/joy. Inside this little place, where yin and yang collide, we can sometimes catch a glimpse of a real life unearthliness. 

This is where I am hoping to go when I set out to paint.

I was traditionally schooled in the chiaroscuro method which I applied to the figure and portrait, then the landscape and the abstraction thereof.  And then simply abstraction.

I studied fine art at Boston University before attending Parsons School of Design as an illustration major.  After a career in textile design and children's books ( I returned to painting, continuing my studies at the San Francisco College of Art.  ​

I am very happy to be carrying on the artistic tradition of my great, great grandfatherEdmund Garrett, renowned illustrator and painter, who was the mentor of American Impressionist painter Childe Hassam.  Edmund Garrett's work hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and around the world.

My paintings are shown throughout New York and New England. They are part of private collections around the world which include prominent political figures and distinguished members of the entertainment industry.  Most recently several large canvases were acquired by the New Stamford Hospital in Stamford, CT for their permanent collection.