claudia Van Nes

Claudia intended to be an artist since her youth spent drawing elaborate homes and villages for rabbits. Don’t ask.

Her higher education career included art school in Paris and various stateside colleges where she majored in either art or creative writing.

The latter is what she ended up falling into - as a journalist for many years, mainly for the Hartford Courant where she was a reporter and columnist.

But, she always took art workshops and classes, painted and especially drew retiring early to be what she always planned to be: an artist.

That was 13 years ago, and she’s been at it since taking more classes, painting with various groups of artists, inside and outside and evolving in her at-home studio.

In the midst of this Claudia started a gallery in Chester – Maple and Main, which is now in its eighth year. She exhibits there, at Gallery on the Green in Canton, the annual Five Women Painting Show at the Essex Art Association Gallery and in numerous other exhibits. She’s a member of Connecticut Women Artists, an elected member of the Madison Art Society (director of latter), and Essex Art Association and an associate member of Lyme Art Association. She lives in Chester with her husband, Gordon and has two grown children and three grandchildren.

I live in Chester with my husband and have two grown children and three grandchildren.