Linda Lyons

Linda Lyons’ earliest memories are of drawing as a youngster at the beach along the
rocky coastline of Massachusetts. She always drew. She attended Marblehead High
School in Massachusetts, which had a very special Art Major class for seniors, 2 hours
(8-10) each morning. Linda explained, “We were exposed to how to create aquatints,
etchings, silkscreens, wood cuts and sculpture - fired and carved, in addition to the
basics of drawing and painting. I was fortunate to be accepted into every college
program that interested me.”
When not painting, she works part time for her own design business, Clifton Lyons
Design. Linda has been supplying the finishing touch of fine art to residential and
commercial clients since 2003, in addition to providing complete interior design
services. Clifton Lyons Design expertise and passion for art and design are fueled by
years Lyons spent as a plein air painter, gallery owner, lecturer, professor of fine art and
design, interior decorator and by a childhood spent in an environment where creative
talent was nurtured and encouraged by her family and friends.

Education: BFA in Graphic Design from Boston University, Graduate Certificate in
Design from Yale University, MFA in Painting from WCSU.