David Morico - Featured Artist 2018

The inspiration behind Morico’s pop-art is a connection of how iconic images touch our

lives. The nostalgia of his childhood, has always fascinated him how items we read, buy or

sweets we eat, play the mood of our existence. A simple glass of orange juice, gives you a

burst of energy, the sweetness of Twizzlers really makes you smile!

These collages of past images and icons, show the behaviors and communications that

relate to all of us. The compositions are layered with paper collages, paint, spray paint and

hand-written pencils to create depth and varying textures.

Many corporations have commissioned him: CBS, TV network (executive offices), JP

Morgan, Yale New Haven Hospital, variety of murals for a public company, and numerous

private collectors have purchased Morico’s paintings world-wide.

Custom commissions available.

(203) 216-3630 • dmorico_art@yahoo.com • www.davidmorico.com