Michael Patterson

Michael Patterson was born in Hudson, NY in 1953 into a fami­ly of painters. Howard Ashman Patterson, his grandfather, was an established American painter whose work continually influences and inspires Michael. Graduating from Suny Purchase with honors in paint­ing, printmaking, and sculpture, Michael has been working for over thirty-­five years.

He has traveled extensively for inspira­tion. His travels include New Mexico, California, the entire East Coast from Maine to Florida, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Ecuador, and Europe. He lived and painted in France for several years. Michael has shown his work in Europe and the U.S., pri­marily in the Northeast. He is the recipient of many distinguished awards, and in 2007, he was honored to have a painting accepted into an international show at the Louvre in Paris.

Through the years his work has gone in and out of several styles and series of subjects. He is drawn to many of the same things visually that he was drawn to years ago .... rainy city streets, sun on sparkling waters, faces, hands, clouds, sky, dappled sunlight, people at the beach, and people playing music.

In addition to continuing his painting, he has returned to creating sculptures in stone, both figurative and abstract. Michael’s work is in over 500 private and corporate collections in the United States and Europe. His home and studio are along a river in Connecticut where he lives with his wife, Jessyka.