Aarathi Venkataraman

Aarathi Venkataraman is an artist born in England in 1977 to Indian immigrants, who emigrated with the family to New York in the late 1980s. She has been commissioned to create portraits, landscapes, and abstracts in pencil, conté, pastels and charcoal, acrylic and oils.

Encouraged by her mother to be inspired by PBS shows including Bob Ross, she started her oil painting of landscapes and people portraits. She graduated with a BFA from Purchase College, NY, and then borrowed her father’s camera to encapsulate the new worlds she discovered in her travels.  Her art is inspired by the cultures, the geography and the people locally and around the globe.

Aarathi and her husband live in Nyack, NY and make it a game of who can take the better shot on their photo adventures together. She is currently working on landscapes, portraits, and creating work that highlights social challenges exploring new techniques and mixed media. She is involved in the local arts community and an active participant of the Nyack Art Collective. Her artwork has been in numerous exhibits and is displayed in various locations in the New York tri-state area.