Chadwick Sayers

Chadwick was born in Iowa in 1973 and his family moved to Florida a year later where he grew
up. Since he enjoyed drawing, he went to school for advertising and design, then realized he
enjoyed creating with his hands more than being behind a desk. His father had built their home
with his friends and showed Chad how to build things that are meant to last, so he decided to
get into construction. After finishing one of his projects, he was introduced to someone who
turned his career towards inspecting communication towers around the country. Traveling
across the United States, from coast to coast and Alaska to Florida, he was taken aback by the
beauty and diversity of the country, whether it was from hundreds of feet in the air or on the
ground. Armed with one of the first digital cameras with a floppy disk, he started his adventure
into photography to capture the moments for permanent record.

Chadwick lives in Nyack with his wife, and pulls his photography inspiration from nature,
animals, and his travels, whether it’s local or around the world. His photography has been
shown in the New York tri-state area and Florida.