Kelly Rossetti

Artist Statement

I work abstractly from my feelings and from experiences that have affected me.  I have long been enamored with the human form and consistently work towards capturing a certain feeling or emotion that comes from the figure.  Whether it be loose and expressive figurative drawings or expressive paintings, I strive to find movement and capture a composition that makes you want to continue looking. For my non-representational abstract & landscape work, I like to start with an unpremeditated blank canvas and let the work begin to emerge organically.  I continue to build on what appears giving form to the chaos and building the piece into a painting that will hopefully, transmit a feeling to the viewer.  I paint to reach the place within me that is free of controls and boundaries and thrive on the challenges of exploring new themes and ideas.

A career in the fashion industry has also influenced my aesthetic approach.  As an executive in sales and merchandising, I worked side by side with design to forecast fashion and analyze color and color trends. This exposure and training of continuously evaluating color combinations and coordinating entire collections has directed my color choices and has helped to fine-tune my sense of color. 


Before dedicating herself full-time to a painting career, Kelly had an extensive career in the fashion industry as a merchandiser/sales executive.  Her 14 years in the Industry shaped her artistic vision and creative eye.  Kelly left fashion in 2013 to study, explore and define her style.  Studying under an extraordinary painter at a small Atelier in NYC, her focus started with still life and traditional subject matter.  It was at the Atelier that Kelly's spark for figurative work began, and the realization she had a true calling for this subject matter started to emerge.  This time and space free from the corporate lights allowed inspiration to shine through and she was able to connect those ideas and dreams to brush and paint. Kelly works in a multitude of mediums from oils to watercolor.  Every drip, wash and mark is purposefully executed and if a happy accident should occur...even better.