Rebecca Stern

Rebecca Stern is an artist living and working in Stamford, CT. She graduated with honors from Lesley
University College of Art and Design in 2009. Her work is in a number of private collections and she
has participated in solo and group exhibitions across the country for 10 years. Rebecca uses acrylic
paint, collage, thread and drawing materials to produce her abstract work. She considers each piece a
"mental landscape" that investigates the complexities of the mind. She is intrigued by the juxtaposition
of intentionality and expressive freedom that exists within the materiality of different mediums and
the process it takes to find a balance.

“My work is an investigation into my internal world and a reflection my thoughts.
I am intrigued by the relationship of intention and expressive freedom found within the materiality of
using different mediums and the process it takes to find a balance. Gestural marks create a “mental
landscape,” a visual depiction of thought patterns found through repetition, texture, juxtaposition and
color. My work acknowledges the unconscious; grey areas of thought that rise to the surface and
represent themselves in abstract form. An interesting relationship occurs between the unpredictability
of both the medium and the unconscious mind. The act of painting intuitively embraces the
unexpected and opens me up to experimentation and new forms of beauty through expression. The
mystery of the process is an opportunity towards self-reflection, meditation and an awareness of what’s
beneath the surface. Every painting is a visual record, a story that tows the line between reality and imaginary"