Patrick Sweeney

With over twenty years as a self-taught seascape oil artist throughout the Hawaiian Islands, Patrick Sweeney extended his amazing technique of light and color into the vineyards of northern California.
Due to family illness and obligation, Patrick moved back to his Midwest birthplace in 2008, where he began redefining himself as an acrylic artist with new motivation. Switching over to an acrylic medium while using the beautiful lakes of Minnesota as his inspiration, Patrick began developing a new style of heavily textured paint application and large stroke palette knife technique. The rich fullness of color jumps off the canvas to the viewing eye creating almost a 3-D effect.

Sweeney's work has been juried and exhibited in galleries and top-rated fine art festivals throughout the United States. Presently, Patrick can be found behind his easel as a resident artist in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.