Elizabeth Wolfe

My name is Elizabeth Wolfe from Westchester NY. I fell in love with horses in the beautiful equestrian town where I was born, Tryon, North Carolina. Growing up I spent every moment in a horse barn and I took every opportunity to ride and observe the form and grace of these animals. Being able to put the love I have for painting and horses together is a dream for me. I received my BFA in Mixed Media and Art History from Brevard College in North Carolina and I’ve started pursuing my Masters at Boston College. I love to experiment with style, media and technique. My painting process is centered upon cultivating a nostalgic purity and a genuine affection I have for horses. The spirit of a horse gives me energy to paint intuitively celebrating what is beautiful and positive, I am very grateful to these beautiful creatures. Much of my work consists of commissioned pieces, but when I am able, I spend every spare moment producing paintings for exhibition and gallery sale, and it is in these works that I have the freedom to discover, invent and move forward.