Jim Malloy

Jim Malloy is a national award winning author, a songwriter and gold record recipient who recently began to explore a new form of expression in acrylic paint.  His artwork is known for its raw style, vibrant colors and bold, abstract style.  Jim's paintings are often inspired by popular songs.


Jim has said of his foray into abstract art, “For me, painting is a journey, a form of exploration of imagination and emotion, upheaval and serenity.  I love bold color and unconventional technique that aspire to evoke a response, whether it be a sigh or a gasp or just a smile.  I never know where a painting may lead. I have experienced both the spontaneous joy of discovery and the humbling setback of a disaster.  I learn from each and continue the trek.”


Jim is a participating member of the Ridgefield Guild of Artists and the Society of Creative Arts in Newtown. He currently has two pieces in the “Conversations” exhibit at RGA and three pieces in the “Color In Winter” exhibit in Newtown.  He has installations of his work in personal collections on both coasts.


Born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, raised in southern New Jersey, he graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania.  He resides and works from his studio in a quintessential New England town in Connecticut.  His publishing company, 3 Dreams Creative Enterprises reflects the creative goals he established for himself early on – to become a publisher author, songwriter, film maker – and now an artist.