Elizabeth Wolfe

I fell in love with horses in the beautiful equestrian
town where I was born, Tryon, North Carolina. Growing
up I spent every free moment in a horse barn taking
every opportunity to ride. Being able to put the love I
have for painting and horses together didn’t click for me
until much later but has ultimately turned out to be a
dream subject of mine. The spirit of a horse gives me
energy, I am very grateful to these beautiful creatures.
I received my BFA in Mixed Media and Art History
from Brevard College in North Carolina and I’ve started
pursuing my Masters at Boston College.
My style moves from realism to abstraction and when
mixing the two I see color, edges, technique, movement
and design everywhere, being patient and observing my
focus is very important and my visual vocabulary
becomes almost unlimited. With every painting,
whether a horse or not I do strive to tell a story,
sometimes I’m unaware of what that story will be but it
always comes from a memory or invokes one from me. I
enjoy being a working artist, where every day starts
with the possibility of promise from just a simple blank