Susan Lippman

Susan Lippman is an artist who has focused her life on pursuing creative endeavors.
The first phase of her professional life was spent in the fashion industry where she
directed design staffs for several international companies.

Her many years spent traveling the globe in pursuit of new fabrics, trends, shapes and colors,
continue to influence her work. Whether painting French pottery or images of Buddhas seen
during trips to Southeast Asia, inspiration from multicultural journeys is apparent.

In addition, she has currently been focusing on using her paintings as a means of calling attention to another passion, that of farm animals. In an effort to support the national movement to increase public awareness regarding how they are frequently mistreated, Susan often attempts to portray them in portraits representing them as sensitive, kind hearted, sentient beings.  

There are more subjects ready to explore in the weeks ahead, as she considers themes of freedom, democracy and our planet’s future.

Susan lives in Stamford, Connecticut with her husband, daughter and dogs.