Layne Marholin

From early on I knew that making art would be a path I would follow.

I am a graduate of the Hartford Art School of the University of Hartford and have been practicing the canvas ever since.

My subjects vary and I have been told that they depict a dialogue. All things encountered in my life are absorbed, stored and will often surface in a painting. Feeling for my subject is foremost or it is simply paint on a surface.

Most recently a few blotches of color will suggest something and I run with it. It takes a strong sense of composition and a compelling pallet. This is a new-found freedom and it is most welcome.  At the end of the day a bit of recognition feeds the soul!

My work has been included in numerous museum and art institution exhibits including:

            The Wadsworth Art Museum, Hartford, Ct.

            The Berkshire Art Museum, Pittsfield, Ma.

            The Slater Museum, Norwich, Ct. 

            Fairfield University, Fairfield Ct.

            The New Britain Museum, New Britain, Ct. 

            The John Slade Ely House New Haven, Ct.

            George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum, Springfield Ma.

I hold memberships in the following:

Connecticut Academy of Fine Arts

Connecticut Watercolor Society

New Haven Paint & Clay

Essex Art Association

Guilford Art League

Mystic Museum of Art