Agi Zwierz

Agi Zwierz was born in 1961 in Warsaw, Poland. Her interest in art began in elementary
school and continued during her landscape architecture studies in college. In 1986 she
immigrated to the United States. While working as a landscape designer she attended
art workshops including the Silvermine Guild of Art. Today she creates her work at The
Upper Room Art Studio in Norwalk, CT.
Her love for the beauty of the plant kingdom and the way it shapes the landscape
around us is prevalent in her art. Agi embraces the intricacy of plants and trees and their
various shapes and often includes it in her art.
“In recent years Agi enjoyed creating in oils, acrylics and pastels as mediums that
combine elements of drawing with painting. The effects of mixing lines and fields of
color and weaving them together creates unique and intricacies that are captivating to
the viewer.”