Danielle Holmes

Artistic and curious, Danielle Taylor Holmes uses mediums of all kinds, from the organic to acrylic paint.  Her abstract works are driven by her connection to mother nature, texture and color, mixing pleasure with introspection and joy with restraint.  Seeking a balance of beauty, play and serenity, Danielle’s work is dynamic in its gentle movement and bold colors.  Her large canvases can move from intense colors to shades of white, all mingling in simple flow of form or layered shades of storytelling.  The smaller works are often playful and can be combined, pulling one to view the vivid and the visceral.


Danielle studied architectural history at Brown University, with a number of courses at RISD, FIT and Parsons School of Design.  She has attended classes and workshops locally and abroad. Danielle lives in Rowayton with her family.