Dana Beringer


Dana Beringer’s concept of art points to an expression of the awareness and intention of conveying a creative process  to the viewer and opening a visual dialogue. When asked about her art she alludes to the connection between artist and viewer which converges  on the common ground of the suspended canvas  She maintains that the viewer brings to the painting their own unique interpretation and this enriches any preconceptions be it a title or some recognizable imagery in the piece. These current works draw us into a serene purposeful place  yet there are indications in the compositions of intended conflict and in some pieces chaos. These bold large scale works which exude the intended suggestions of tension meant to represent both intimate and global relationships in fragile turmoil are a departure from her earlier portrait series, landscape series, FOG series or the recent black and white series depicting abstract perspectives of city architecture. In other shows she has exhibited paintings expanded from sketches made from an aerial view of coastal New England including Nantucket, Block Island and Martha’s Vineyard. She has used a bold palette depicting parcels of land and water. The technique of building upon layers with muted color adds texture and depth. Some of her canvases are almost transparent with sweeping hints of color. Her paintings are reminiscent of the earlier abstract expressionistic style.  City Series was inspired by city blocks and architecture in Manhattan. The second series is a retrospective of FOG seem on the water or in deep snowy avalanche areas. Dana Beringer’s artwork is an improvisational expression of her ideas and emotions. She has been painting since an early age. Dana Beringer has exhibited and sold in the United States, South America and in Europe. Her work has been photographed and credited in multiple design publications including BH & Gardens. The artist holds a BFA from CUA in Wash. DC. and a Masters in Art Therapy from CNR in New York. Additional work can be viewed on her website www.danaberinger.com