Sholeh Janati

Sholeh Janati's abstractions of landscapes, waterscapes, and figuratives that critics have compared to the works of post-war abstractionist painters such as Chagall, Kandinsky, Hofmann and Frankenthaler.


Sholeh's passion for painting was driven in part by her experiences of enduring 10 years of war during her formative years in Tehran, Iran. After the rise of the Islamic revolution, Janati escaped to America in 1988. Shortly after relocating to the US, private collectors, celebrities and corporations discovered her works.


The vibrant imagery in Sholeh's paintings demonstrates the versatility of her works; each painting is characterized by a captivating interplay of fluid shapes, luminescent colors and grand lyrical composition that defies categorization.


Her technique involves a spontaneous approach, typically working in her Westport, Connecticut studio on two or three canvases at a time. She often paints on large canvases, which best accommodates her artistic vision and her intense approach to what is frequently referred to as "action painting."


A Janati painting invariably features a broad-stroke brush style; layered textures reflecting an enhanced field of depth; and a spatial illusion achieved through the "push and pull" of dreamlike colors, shapes and placement.


In interviews, Sholeh has remarked that her paintings often contain hidden sensual, cultural and spiritual energies that the viewer can feel. She further notes that her artwork is frequently intended to be displayed in all four rotations, allowing the viewer to discover new dynamics and dimensions over time. In this sense, Janati says, the viewer finds an expression of their own artistic vision in each of her paintings.


Most recently, Sholeh's works have been featured at the US Tennis Association's Presidential Suite, Bravo's "Million Dollar Listing," Waterbury Hospital's VIP section; they have been added to the permanent collections of Yale-New Haven Medical Center and Sacred Heart University.


She is available on a limited basis for commissioned works for private collectors, corporate collections, film and TV and interior designers.