Kelly Rossetti

Kelly Rossetti was born and raised in Holland, New York. After college, she moved to New York City
where she began a career in the fashion industry. Kelly spent 14 years in the Industry and left in 2013 to
tap into a different side of her creativity. She began studying under an extraordinary painter at a small
Atelier in NYC and that’s where it all began. Kelly’s work is a mix of figurative, true non-representational
abstract and abstracted landscapes. She works in a multitude of media including Oils, Acrylics, Gouache,
Charcoals and Graphite. Her work can be defined as a blend of the gestural language of improvisational
expressionism using reductive abstraction. Her work spans many different styles and subjects and she
thrives on the constant change that brings. She enjoys the juxtaposition of both chaos and simplicity
and strives to find the common threads throughout both styles of work. Kelly currently resides in
Westport, CT.