Brian Kammerer

The Variable Face of the Sea: Wind Water Weather & People


I have always been a creative soul ......Always making things.... having more fun creating than waiting for that special occassion to fulfill my wish list.


My childhood summers on the upper Cape in Welfleet and Truro were inspirational, I began painting when I was young using my model paints to do small scenes of the iconic fishing boats and estuatires that were popular back then.


A BA from Denison University ('75) with a major in History, a major in Film and a minor in Art.  This passion inspired me into a career in Advertising since I was realistic and knew from experience that doing art was one thing and selling was another.


My miniature work was credited for Outstanding Art Directino and Production for my 2005 film in the DixieFilmFest entitled "The OTHER Great Locomotive Chase".  This is why I ahve been able to do the Holiday Christmas Layouts at the Rowayton Historical Society now in its 9th year!


Advertising honed my skills on all levels allowing me to bring my many talents to bear on thousands of jobs over the past 42 years.


The look of the Sea is never the is always variable from moment to moment.  The elements of Wind Water and Weather cause it to shift constantly.  Here in Rowayton, CT.  I can be at the beach or along 5 Mile River in moments anytime of the year.  M


My latest work in the past 2 years has now included people... and lots of them ... interacting as they, like us, enjoy a beautiful day at the beach.  Who of us can ever remember a bad day of Sun and fun with family or friends.  With the warm sun on our faces...the sound of the waves and sunlight reflecting like burnished silver on the dappled water stirred by the wind..... Not I!




Brian G Kammerer