corey adams

I make small, intimate drawings in sketchbooks.  Each sketchbook serves as a small factory, a space to create.  The drawings are ideas or notes that incubate over many months.  When complete, I harvest and sort them in order to eliminate dead ends and make sense of my thoughts.  

As an only child, I drew constantly.  My family fed my interest, enrolled me in art classes, and took me to museums.  I left for college at 17 years and executed a vast array of poor decisions until my 25th year.  My drawing had always proven to be the best decision.  I enrolled in school for design but quickly fell in love with oil painting.  I moved to NYC in 2005.  I continued to paint but was unable to profit.  I chose to focus on working for the art world.  I continued drawing, commissioned portraits, freelanced illustration work, and committed to my art world employers.  I started as a minimum wage laborer and became a driver, a crater, a fine art handler, a registrar, and a manager.  By the end, I wore a suit and I fired people.

In 2015, my wife and I decided it best that I become a stay at home father.  my efforts are now focused on my family, my art, and my community.