Peter Mendelson

Photographer Peter Mendelson’s art fully embodies Elliott Erwitt’s idea about photography’s potential to “elevate the ordinary” and present new ways of seeing the world. Growing up a suburban kid on the north shore of Long Island in the 1970s, Peter’s two great escapes were New York City, and the Long Island shoreline from Jones Beach to Montauk.  While radically different, the color, light and forms of these urban and coastal environments expanded his horizons, literally and figuratively, and have had a psychological pull on him that lasts to this day.  


Peter uses perspective, light, and color to capture the psychological power of these spaces in photographs to transport viewers into these environments and inspire them to re-imagine the world for themselves.  Whether taken during his visit to the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas, his explorations of Miami Beach and the Maine coast, or even during commutes to and from New York City, his photographs focus on those things that are often overlooked or abandoned, but which reward their viewers when given a second, deeper look.


Peter’s work can be seen in exhibits and galleries in New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, and at