Jean Marie Bucich

With a BFA from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art in New York, Jean Marie
studied abstract painting, color theory, 20 th Century Art, extensive study of Old Master painting
techniques; as well as Early Renaissance, Renaissance and Baroque History of Art and Architecture. She
won First Place in Oil Painting at the Bergen County 46 th Annual Cultural Affairs Art Exhibition. She has
exhibited in various national art competitions, donated paintings to charities, and has exhibited in “Art
for Healing” at Englewood Hospital. She exhibits locally, does commissioned pieces, collaborates with
interior designers, and her artwork is in private collections internationally. Her oil paintings
demonstrate a great impact, unifying classical and modern elements. You can view her available work,
sold work and artist statement at
“Inspired by nature, I became interested in the architectural detail of flowers, their vibrant color and
their moment in time. In my oil paintings, the petals and leaves play within the confines of the painting’s
edges, allowing the viewer a peek into the serenity of the garden. These over-scaled floral portraits draw
the viewer into the detail of each flower’s anatomy. Chiaroscuro is juxtaposed against the transparency
of the flower, aglow with life. In my new collection of paintings, the flowers emerge as self-aware,
persuading the viewer to take part in their role in time and in nature.” – Jean Marie Bucich©2019
“Jean Marie’s paintings are vivid depictions of nature’s works of art. Freshly frozen on canvas, her oil
palette is transformed into bold silhouettes in a living texture of floral majesty. The fine detail of her
paintings leap off the canvas with intensity, and her color progression captures nature’s hues into
brilliant focus. Jean Marie’s paintings have movement and a gifted clarity that offers anyone caught in
their gaze a deep connection with nature that stimulates the senses.” – April R. Simanoff, Life Tribute
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