Richard Bergan

Rich has lived most of his life in Connecticut. He was born in New Haven, raised in Middletown, went to
college in New London and currently resides in Norwalk. As a child, he enjoyed taking photos while at
family parties or while on vacation, and in college he began to study and experiment with various
photographic styles and concepts.
While living in Rome in his early twenties, he was immersed in the Italian culture, where the philosophy
of “la bella figura” – literally meaning “beautiful figure” - made an impression on him. For Rich, La bella
figura, is far more dimensional than just looking good, or bad, in the eye of society. Instead, he sees it as
the practice of enriching one’s environment and elevating the surrounding aesthetic in a way that is
authentic through bold but complimentary colors, high contrast without being stark and soft natural
forms that still offer a defined shape.
Post-grad, he moved to Manhattan, where he captured this philosophy in street and construction
scenes. He later returned to Connecticut where he photographs locally and while traveling.
Rich’s photography seeks to expand on the Italian ideal of la bella figura by capturing moments he sees
as exemplary and sharing those scenes to enrich life.