Carole McClintock

Carole McClintock is a neo-impressionist painter, specializing in water themes, inspired by a
lifetime of interacting with the water as a competitive swimmer, surfer, sailor, and scuba diver.
McClintock grew up in California, where living near the ocean with the intense light and vibrant
colors of the West made a lasting impression. The youngest of three children, her mother was
influential in redeveloping many of San Francisco’s neighborhoods and her father was an
international shipping entrepreneur.
The artist earned her Bachelor’s degree from Mount Holyoke College in Art History and Studio
Art. McClintock attended the Sorbonne in Paris for one year, where she was able to devote
significant time sketching from Old Masters at the Louvre, painting at a local studio with
prominent French painters and visiting art museums across Europe.
She has created paintings for a host of distinguished clients, including the Stamford Connecticut
Hospital, Lillian August, the Windjammer Gallery in Bermuda, the Field Gallery, the Christina
Gallery and the Gardner-Colby Gallery on Martha’s Vineyard, and private collectors worldwide.
Her artistic philosophy is to paint form a place of authenticity, not to be held back by what a
viewer may or may not think. Every day there is something in nature that inspires the next
painting. She prefers to work both in plein air and in the studio and often has five or more
paintings going at once. She typically starts out with a reference point of something that inspired
her and then lets the paint and brush take over.
“The main goal I have is to portray the essence of an image without giving away all of the
answers to what you’re looking at. Having some ambiguity allows the viewer to engage, reflect,
and feel,” says McClintock. “My wish is that people will find a piece to connect with and
experience some of the passion that inspired the painting”.
She is currently working on an underwater series, inspired by much time spent scuba diving in
the Caribbean, in addition to other series of work inspired by poppies, lily pads, haystacks, koi
fish, and sky.
When not traveling, Carole McClintock lives between New York and Connecticut as she
continues to develop her painting career. Her most recent journey was to the top of Africa’s
highest peak, Mount Kilimanjaro at 19,350’, followed by a safari abundant with giraffes,
elephants, wildebeasts, rhinos and ostrich. Stay tuned for the next series of paintings.