THE ART SHOW        

The CCNS Arts Show has one of the largest, most diverse collections of original artwork for sale in the area.  This event is more than just a fundraiser; it is a gathering of more than 300 professional artists, designers, media, and sophisticated patrons.  Art lovers wait all year for this show, and there is a 40% tax deduction on all artwork purchased during these three special days which goes towards the operational expenses and special projects at CCNS.  

This is the second year the Art Show will be graciously hosted at 302 Wilson Avenue Boat Warehouse. The showroom is a 13,500 square foot, open plan industrial space, with steel beams, concrete walls and plentiful floor space.  It sits directly behind to the Sono Icehouse, with a parking lot that overlooks a lovely view of the marsh.  The uniqueness of the space is certain to be awe-inspiring and will be transformed into a sophisticated, curated Fine Arts Show complete with professional artwork hung in a gallery-style manner. This show has been running for 57 great years, since 1962, and this year we continue the brilliant tradition in the heart of the school for the good of the community. 






This video below gives a glimpse
into the amazing annual event!