Jason Pritchard

British born artist Jason Pritchard is best known for his landscape and seascape oil paintings of New England and
his native ‘old’ England.
His loosely painted scenes capture a sense of space and connection to the New England terrain he typically paints.
His works focuses on the elements of the outdoors, often capturing the seasonal hues of the landscape that in turn
are wrapped beneath an unfolding impressionistic skyline.
Although a keen drawer from an early age, it wasn’t until his early 20’s on a serendipitous and a once in a lifetime
adventure trip to South Africa that propelled his passion for painting. After spending several days visiting and
photographing the Kruger National Park, heartache set in when his photos were lost. Visiting the galleries in
vibrant Cape Town a few days later, he felt inspired and compelled to recapture his best memories of the trip via
the medium of watercolor painting instead.
The next few years he worked hard developing his style in London, England, before he moved to the US in 2005
and studied at the Art Students League of New York where he focused on Oil Painting. He is currently working on a
project to oil paint all the main beaches of Fairfield County from Stratford to Greenwich and has completed two
successful solo shows exhibiting the ongoing collection of works. He has also exhibited work in New York City, Long
Island and his home region of Connecticut.