Andrea Bonfils

Andrea Bonfils is an American contemporary multi media artist who has completed over 80 commissions
worldwide. She works from studios in Connecticut and Santa Fe, NM. Andrea’s work is inspired by
humans and nature in our connected universe. Her work is shown and collected Internationally and can
be seen in art fairs, galleries, private and public spaces or the Museum of Encaustic Art’s Permanent
Using unconventional hardware - a blow torch, iron and other heated tools - along with paper, encaustics,
photography, resin and natural materials, Bonfils’ uncommon painting and photographic techniques give
way to a vision that is intense, mysterious and ethereal. Her inspiration comes from humanity and the
natural world as she captures her subject's movement, drama and complexity.
My Submerged Garden Series was Inspired by a kayaking expedition to Belize 25 years ago, before the
coral reefs had begun to die off, I wanted to memorialize their original majesty and support their
While submerged exploring botanicals and fluidity, a kaleidoscopic interaction evolves between an
entirely organic color palette and refraction and reflection. Both of my underwater floral images and my
manipulated lenticular (3D moving) images are meant to challenge perspective. Flowers dwarf divers, the
blue light and female are born from the flower and the underwater cave is a natural playground with tree
sized orchids, floating birds and flying tree frogs.
Broadly, I explore natural processes and earthy unpretentiousness such as geometric patterns and forms
and circadian rhythms, and abstractly our humanitarian role. My tendency is to synchronize environs and
overemphasize the spectacular. Celebrating our environment is one approach to preserving our
phenomenal planet.