Charlotte Sabbagh

Danish Artist Charlotte Sabbagh currently lives in Rowayton, Ct.
She studied in New York at Parsons Fine Arts program and Nyc
Studio School and Silver Mine CT. Charlotte gets her inspiration
from her native country Denmark where she spends each summer.
She is drawn to the contrast of light and dark in the water, sky
horizons, atmosphere and the natural beauty of the world we live
in. These images are expressed in the colors, textures and mixed
media used in each painting. Throughout her extensive travels she
is enlightened by different cultures, perceptions and the love of
life. Her catalog of work consists of abstract painting using oils,
acrylics and mixed media.In recent years, her work has been
shown at individual and group exhibitions including HB Home
Greenwich CT, 711 Gallery NYC, CCNS Art show in CT, The Art
Bazaar NYC, Brown and Co, Darien, Gearys Gallery Darien,
Investigating abstraction at Leclerc Contemporary, Nightengale
Gallery Hamptons, private clients and commercial space in Europe
and the US. In commission work, Charlotte integrates the painting
with a site specific approach. She looks at the space, materials,
colors and the personal interaction between the artist and the client,
the message and meaning, the materials and substance to all come
together in one unique painting.
“Art is public by nature, yet a complex echo of the inner self”-
Charlotte Sabbagh