Jeanne Steers

Jeanne Steers is known for her dynamic and colorful acrylic paintings on shaped hardboard. Steers style has evolved to use the shape as a starting point for the dialogue between painting and viewer. Shapes also provide a unique framework for the art, offers a unifying element for each collection and imparts order and meaning to each piece.
Each collection is based on a shape or series of shapes that are then explored as Jeanne facilitates the relationship between the shape, and the paint. The shapes and collections examines a facet of self awareness and exploration. The collection Array, explores our individual uniqueness juxtaposed to our collective strength and ability to allow ourselves to shine. Flow explores how our energy moves through us into the world and how the world is reciprocal in its flow of
complimentary energy creating an ebb and flow. Point, discusses snapshots or moments in time. While Visage explores our connection to each other and humanity.
The venues that Jeanne has exhibited her work at are Atria Darien, Marty’s, Roxbury Senior Center, CCNS, Enchanted Realm and Washington Art Association, in CT. The Donald B. Palmer Museum, The Lundbeck Art Gallery, and The Straube Center, in , NJ. And The Pomona Cultural Center in NY.
Jeanne holds a BFA in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design and currently lives in Roxbury, Connecticut with her husband and two children. She is the owner of Steers Studios, a design studio specializing in website design, graphic design, and illustration.