Cara McCabe

Allowing the paint to guide me, I’m drawn to an array of artist expressions from painting landscapes to portraiture and abstract works. I paint mostly from live models, en plein air (outside) and a mixture of different photographs to translate various colors, moods, and textures into an artistic experience. My goal is to capture the myriad of emotions and beauty around me.

Having grown up in Newburyport Massachusetts, an historic seaside community, water has always played an important role in my life and I’m always wanting to paint water in both a traditional and abstract manner. My parents later moved from the farmhouse into a home directly on the marsh and as a family we spent a great deal of time at the beach. I was exceptionally close to my mom and painting anything with a water feel brings me close with my mom again.

Peoples’ inner worlds intrigue me, and I love painting people of all ages because I strive to capture their essence. Although not technically exact like a photograph, I try to render the feel of a person. A famous painter, Tai Shan Schierenberg quoted, “in the act of non-slippage the painting is lost.”

In my landscapes and abstract works, I hope to capture an intangible moment in time, filled with the mystery, love and beauty that the world offers.

My works can be found in private commissions and collections in Manhattan, East Hamptons NY, throughout CT, Los Angeles CA, Boston MA, Palm Beach FL, Duxbury MA, and Weisimmer Switzerland.

My latest portrait has been accepted into The Connecticut Society of Portrait Artists, The Loft Artist Association, and my abstracts into The Rowayton Art Center Juried Show.
I am also involved in several art organizations for Harvard Alumni and for The Breast Cancer Alliance.