Nancy Breakstone

Nancy Breakstone is a local life long photographer whose passion has become shooting nature’s art. She has always had a strong connection to the ocean and finds beauty in the natural patterns in the sand, created solely by the ocean’s receding tide. Recently she has dedicated most of her time photographing this form of art on the black volcanic beaches in Costa Rica. As the tide recedes it cuts these patterns into the sand, and she photographs them as she finds them. All natural. The combination of the water and sun reflected in each shot brings color to each pattern and she enhances the color post processing to bring life to each piece without compromising the actual pattern. As the seasons and tides change, so do the patterns in their complex and intricate composition.

Nancy has not been able to get back to Costa Rica to shoot since February 2020 when covid hit hard there so she has chosen to photograph subjects locally and within driving distance until it’s safe to travel commercially again.

Her work is hanging in the personal collections of homes in New York, Marthas Vineyard, Washington DC, Delaware, Darien CT, Greenwich CT, Stratton VT, Maui HI, Rome Italy, Sydney Australia, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and San Francisco CA, and Beaverton OR.