Tom Kretsch

Peaceful Places : Fine Art Photography for Personal and Professional Spaces.

I think my career as a teacher of young children has prepared me well to be an artist. It taught me to be sensitive, thoughtful, reflective and to think out of the box. It asked me to use many resources to create meaningful lessons, gave me the freedom to find new ways of looking at things, opened doors that I never thought I could and to be patient and wait for the right moment to act. It helped me make good plans to accomplish the goals that I wanted to reach and to find ways to help lots of different people with varied abilities. I have tried to weave those traits into the fabric of my artistic career. Perhaps my greatest strength and gift as a photographer is the art of visualizing my images so that they reflect in a most sensitive way the moment I wish to capture. In this visualization I have come to appreciate the fine subtleties of light and how it gives my work the mood and feeling that I wish to convey. Like a teachable moment that comes about in the course of a lesson, I wait for that “ moment of light” that gives meaning to my work.