Jason Pritchard

British born/American artist Jason Pritchard is an oil painter capturing the coastal charms and rugged landscapes of New England. He grew up in East Anglia in the UK, a region that inspired British landscape painters such as John Constable and Thomas Gainsborough who he greatly admires.


While growing up as a child in England, his father owned a family printing business where there was always an abundance of spare paper to hone his drawing skills. In his 20’s he moved to London and took up watercolor painting, before moving to New York in 2005 where he studied oil painting at the Art Students League of New York.


He now lives in Fairfield, Connecticut, where he recently finished a series of around fifty oil paintings covering the beaches of Fairfield County, starting from the top of Stratford’s Short Beach and completing the series at Byram Shore Beach in Greenwich. Recent accomplishments include being selected as a 2020 Emerging Artist by Cape Cod Art Magazine, acknowledging his growing body of Cape Cod Seascapes paintings. He has exhibited work in New York City, Long Island and his home region of Connecticut.