Kyle W Baker

Kyle W. Baker was born in Norwalk and grew up in Rowayton, Connecticut. Kyle entered Plymouth State University as a Meteorology major, only a semester in quickly realizing that her destiny lie in a different pursuit. She left the school at Plymouth and enrolled in Norwalk Community College instead for her Associate’s degree as a Graphic Design major. She took numerous art classes in addition to the required core classes to broaden and sharpen all her skills. She had a quick sense that she did the right thing changing tracks with her education. Upon graduation, she was working as a designer/product manager for a customized stationary/gifts company in Darien. After a couple of years, she wanted to again broaden her knowledge and chose to enroll in the Art Institute of Pittsburgh as a Web Design/Interactive Media major for her Bachelor’s degree, completing it in 2014.

It was in her early adult years, just before entering college, that her interest in weather and interest in creating art merged. She discovered the benefit of painting with oils vs acrylics and began to paint landscapes around this time. She discovered the preference to paint the sky more so than the land in the scenes. This shifted her into the Surrealism style of art where she would paint a scene, flip the canvas upside down and paint another scene so that what resulted was two skyscapes and hardly any land in the middle to bridge the two. Many of the scenes trick the mind, as you think you are looking at a reflection below but quickly discover you are not, there is an entirely different sky. The mind is so accustomed to seeing the sky reflected in water. The paintings can be hung one way for a while then can be rotated and hung on the other side for a while, if preferred. The “Sky over Sky” art theme has stuck over the years and continues to be the choice painting theme when Kyle finds the time to sit down and paint. She has painted other styles through the years, impressionism and watercolor landscape scenes and pet portraits as well, but the surreal landscape oil paintings are closest to her heart and what she truly enjoys painting the most.

Kyle lives in Norwalk currently with her husband Keith and their two sons, Cameron and Clarke. She is a freelance graphic and website designer/front end developer primarily, but is open to taking commissions for paintings.