Soledad Bence

Soledad is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina but has spent the last 20 years

living across London, Madrid, New York and currently Greenwich, CT. Every

place where she’s lived has made a profound impact on her life and has

significantly influenced her work. She draws inspiration from the extraordinary

found in the mundane, from nature, from the little things in everyday life, from

feelings, from memories... Her innate artistic style is intuitive and free, she loves

every step of the creative process from how an idea comes about, is developed and

changes until a piece is done. She explores and experiments with different

techniques, mixing mediums and materials that create textures and shapes and

come together in her artistic expression.

Soledad graduated from Universidad del Salvador in Buenos Aires, Argentina with

a Bachelor’s degree in Communication. She also attended several art schools

including the Art Students League of New York, MoMa, Silvermine Arts Center

and Greenwich Art Society. Soledad continues to grow artistically through regular

interactions with fellow artists, both local and international. Since the start of the

pandemic she meets virtually, on a weekly basis, with two artists based in the UK

and Argentina to discuss and create joint art projects which benefit greatly from the

sharing of each others experiences and knowledge.