Stephanie Holroyd

Art and beauty has been in Stephanie’s heart for years, but not until recently has she had time to cultivate her artistic gifts . Raising three children and teaching full time was her focus until now. She still teaches by day, but now that her children are grown , she paints by night. She is grateful for her small studio where she can lose herself in her love of creating art. She is a beach lover and has always been inspired, renewed and calmed by the ocean. Beach paths and grasses, ocean waters and reflections, and serene boats are all inspirations for her work.

Living in coastal Connecticut she frequents the beach as often as she can to get that daily dose of inspiration and peace. She has always lived by the water and enjoys vacations in coastal New England from Cape Cod to Maine. The coastline captures her spirit and she is drawn to it. Her paintings invoke a sense of tranquility and peace that is found at the beach and on the water.