Caroline Duggan

After graduating with Honors distinction from the Pratt Institute with a BFA in Art Education and Painting  in 2005 and earning a Master of Science in Art Education from UNK in 2016, I have been living in Redding Connecticut and working as a painter and printmaker. I have  also been teaching art in the public schools in New York City and Connecticut.
I have been obsessed by landscapes for as long as I can remember. Traveling around the world collecting memories of “that perfect view” became a goal early on in my life. The paintings that I create are inspired by the many different views that I’ve encountered close to home and in distant places. Some of the paintings are obviously site specific, while others remain mysterious and may be images that reside in the collective memory. Recreating these images through the artistic process is an escape for me. It enables me to find calm in the experimentation and use of materials and the serenity in the memory of things.
Watercolor paint is the medium that brings me the most joy. The lack of control and permanence of each brush stroke speak of the balance between the material and the maker. Many of my oil and acrylic works begin with using those materials in a manner as close to watercolor painting as possible, with layers of oil and acrylic subsequently built up on the surface of the paper or canvas.